Thursday, June 28, 2012


"After struggling for many years to find a mix between my personal life and my professional life, I now believe there is a way to leverage my passion for my business and apply my business and associated interpersonal skills to find a life mate. This book contains an executable vision that I can leverage. I found the perspective of both sides of the dating equation insightful. Mr. Johnson's direct and insightful approach with step by step insight to conversations, appearance and how to best build on ones life experiences is invaluable. I now know where to look, what to expect, have a new inner confidence and believe I am not alone in my search for the perfect mate. I highly recommend this book."
- PR,

"I purchased this book and really enjoyed the read as I've been struggling in my recent relationships. This isn't your usual dating book with lots of advice - rather the author shares the experiences of real people with numerous personal stories and great tips for dating. I would highly recommend this book to others seeking love! I'll be applying many of the things that I learned from this book on my next date..."
- Cal Girl,

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